Board of Directors / Officers

Name Postion Contact
Michael Monthey President president@kc-aspe.org
Drew Velleca Vice President of Technical vp_technical@kc-aspe.org
Mathewos Kassaye Vice President of Legislative vp_legislative@kc-aspe.org
Melissa Beck Vice President of Membership vp_membership@kc-aspe.org
Chaesare Jones Treasurer treasurer@kc-aspe.org
Scott Bikson Administrative Secretary
Matt Strathman Correspondence Secretary
Brian Hodes Affiliate Liaison affiliate_liaison@kc-aspe.org
Jeffrey Kling Past President past_president@kc-aspe.org
Chris Sturges Charity Committee Chair charity_chair@kc-aspe.org
John Bard Education Committee Chair education_chair@kc-aspe.org
Julianna Scheet ASPE Young Professionals Liaison social_chair@kc-aspe.org

Contact us

Address:  PO Box 7281, Overland Park, KS, 66207

Email: president@kc-aspe.org

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